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Suicide Educaton and Prevention Group

Suicide Educaton and Prevention Group

Great meeting yesterday with a suicide education and prevention group consisting of professionals & concerned citizens. We are involved in taking action and bringing change to the way that support is currently being given.

The focus of today’s connection:

1. Relationship Building

2. Introductions

3. Identifying Focus Points

4. Current Report Card

5. Sharing, Being a Voice, Taking Action

For more information, or to get involved reach out or contact Elaine Zamora on Facebook or at (506) 999-3555

High Performance Academy

High Performance Academy

Soccer NB & the boys High-Performance Academy!

To achieve high performance within teams, a number of pillars need to be addressed and equipped with the right tools. One of those pillars is the emotional pillar.

Coach Martin Herdman, brother of Team Canada’s Head Coach John Herdman, is being proactive and integrating Emotional Fitness into Player Development.

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