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Are you or your team maximizing optimal performance by engaging the internal wisdom and experience available to you?


The Emotional Fitness® Coach Training Course gives you the tools to create the success and fulfillment you desire in your work, your relationships and in your life. The training can be taken for licensing, customized to address your unique challenges or completed for personal development.

Coaching Leaders, Teams, Organizations

Do you want to develop a more positive and productive workplace? We offer non-traditional, non-conventional listening tools to empower, revitalize and energize you and your team. 

Coaching and training sessions are unique and relevant to your specific needs and challenges. We have the Emotional Fitness® tools to achieve a healthy balance in life and work including better relationships, greater resiliency while feeling fulfilled and productive.

Coaching 1-on-1

Are you a leader, coach, educator, first line responder, high performance athlete, front line professional, survivor looking to address stress, PTSD, cultural issues, resiliency, engagement or leadership approach?

Let’s start with an initial consultation and quantitatively evaluate your current scoreboard while generating a specific relevant action plan to address your unique needs and challenges.
Contact me now so we can add Emotional Fitness® to your toolkit.



“After having experienced Emotional Fitness® for over 2 years, the purpose of my testimonial is the hope that more people will have an opportunity to experience what I have & more importantly to put into practice the tools. So why am I so passionate about the lessons learned from Emotional Fitness®? Well I measure anything I do and learn in life by a result. The result for me has been a wonderful new relationship with myself, family, friends, co-workers and clients. I have experienced the Emotional Fitness® Approach & tools both for myself personally & for myself as a leader-entrepreneur. There is a true peace and pleasure to my life nowadays. By truly listening to myself and others I am finally improving myself. Through the use of the Emotional Fitness® tools, my eyes and ears have been opened. I now shut my mouth while freeing myself from my mind. I feel I am now a better person, friend, dad, high performance athlete and business owner.”


Dad, Triathlete, Entrepreneur


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