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Our Story & Vision


Warren Redman, Founder of Emotional Fitness Approach

Our Story

How It Started

It was through Warren Redman’s experience of being listened to by Eugene Heimler, a survivor of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp, which led to Warren developing the Emotional Fitness Approach and the tools of Emotional Fitness. These tools have been delivered for over 35 years in the UK and Canada.

Who Are We

Alternative Options Coaching (AOC) is a holistic coaching community providing support to individuals, both personally and professionally, where connection and growth can be experienced through nurturing healthy, supportive relationships using the Emotional Fitness Approach.

What We See

In 2007, following the renaming of the Centre for Inner Balancing to the Emotional Fitness Institute, a vision was developed. This vision was transitioned to Alternative Options Coaching  (AOC) in the Summer of 2016 with a view to provide a coaching community that will move this vision forward.

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AOC - Emotional Fitness

The Vision of Emotional Fitness

We see children who feel happy, loved and secure because they know that their parents care deeply for them and each other – even if those parents are separated.

We see parents in a harmonious relationship and individually fulfilled in their personal and working lives.

We see families where there is harmony and sharing and openness.

We see leaders who exhibit compassion, courage, encouragement, and wisdom in political, business and community life.

We see teachers who listen and draw out the strengths and positive qualities of their students.

We see corporations and organization in which the employees feel valued and respected and where this is reciprocated by them to all those around them.

We see societies and communities in which every individual is treated and feels like a worthwhile, productive and vital part of that society.

We see countries and societal groupings who live in peace and harmony whatever their differences.

We encourage ongoing support to health care professionals and their clients wanting to grow and become their best self while minimizing the use of medical intervention.

We see healthcare as a global unity on the 4 levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual within each individual, linking medical and holistic where possible.

We see these things having been achieved because individuals use the tools and processes of Emotional Fitness. They have gained the tools through books, through Emotional Fitness Coaches, through informal and formal training programs, through sharing their experiences of Emotional Fitness over the Internet, in families, in cafes, and on the street. Emotional Fitness (like flossing) will have become a natural and integral way of living deepening self-awareness and the feelings of inner peace.

Warren Redman

Warren Redman


Warren Redman, BA, MCC began coaching in 1983, the same time as he started to develop the approach now known as Emotional Fitness. He is a certified Master Coach with the International Coaching Federation.
Born in England, Warren has worked in retail, manufacturing and corporate businesses. He turned to community and youth work and opened his own community consulting and coaching practice, working with small and multi-national corporations, non-profit organizations and government agencies across the UK.

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He moved to Calgary in 1994, where he set up the Centre for Inner Balancing, later called the Emotional Fitness Institute, where he taught his Emotional Fitness Coach Training Program to hundreds of people.

In 2009, Warren moved to Shediac, NB, continuing to coach and to train others, eventually handing on his work to others through Alternative Options Coaching which has been established in the greater Moncton area. He has presented at conferences across Canada, as well as the UK, Australia, and Israel.

Warren is the author of 17 published books, many of them describing the processes and work of Emotional Fitness, and one of which is a Canadian award  winner. He is now turning to a different kind of writing, enjoying the challenge and stimulation of the world of fiction. He is working on his fifth novel.

Trina Campbell

Trina Campbell


After 30 years working within professional and manufacturing environments, Trina chose to resign from her position as an Inventory Analyst from one of New Brunswick’s largest employers in 2015. The question, “What do you want to do now?” planted a seed which ultimately prompted her change in career paths. Since that time, Trina has been supporting individuals and groups utilizing a non-traditional approach to improve communication and relationships both on a personal and professional level through the tools of Emotional Fitness.

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Trina received her Emotional Fitness Coach’s certification in 2013 and is working towards being licensed as an Instructor of the approach.  In 2016, she certified as a Reality Therapy, Choice Theory & Lead Management consultant.

Currently, Trina contracts her facilitation services offering Government programs to groups of individuals empowering them to take charge of their lives as they move in the direction of their chosen career path while integrating the approach of Emotional Fitness and foundation of Choice Theory.

Trina is a past member of the organizing committee FAWN (Friends, Ami(e)s, Wikuom, Nitap) for the creation of an Aboriginal Friendship Centre within the Moncton area and is Co-Founder of Alternative Options Coaching Inc. She has served as the Secretary of the Riverview Canusa Toastmasters Club and is a former member of the International Coaching Federation Atlantic Chapter.

Trina is fulfilled by being the mother of a beautiful daughter and most recently became a grandmother for the first time. She enjoys these relationships most of all!

Darren Duguay, CD1, BSc, BEd, n.d.

Darren Duguay, CD1, BSc, BEd, n.d.

E-Fitness Instructor & Naturopath Consultant

Darren earned his Emotional Fitness® Coach (EFC) certification in 2013 and his Emotional Fitness® Coach Instructor (EFI) certification in 2014 through the Emotional Fitness Institute.
He graduated from Mount Allison University (BSc & B.Ed) as well as from the Canadian Land Force Command Staff College. He is a former Community College instructor of eight (8) years and has completed 27 years service in the Canadian Armed Forces. As a Naturopath Consultant (n.d.), he is a member of Alliance of Professional Naturopaths & Naturotherapists.

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Darren is one of the co-founders of Alternative Options Coaching as well as the non-profit organization Support for Dads. Currently, he is a business partner with the Founder of Emotional Fitness, Warren Redman.
He leverages his personal, educational and leadership background as an Emotional Fitness Instructor to train individuals, leaders, organizations in the tools of Emotional Fitness.
Darren resides in the Greater Moncton Area and enjoys reading, running, traveling, exploring life and drinking coffee out of a black mug.

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