Emotional Fitness® and nomad travel

Emotional Fitness® and nomad travel

When traveling, emotional fitness is essential. I will refer to Warren Redman who founded what is now the Emotional Fitness® Approach and in development Emotional Fitness Institute Cooperative. He based his work on Heimler, Carl Rogers, Fritz Perls, and Eric Berne. The main message and core belief of Warren Redman based on Heimler is that each person needs a healthy balance between satisfaction and frustration. This seems to describe an aspect of those travelers who are referred to as “nomads”. Paul Heller of FiftyPLusNomad.com calls this the “Itchy Feet” syndrome. When traveling for long extents at a time some of us are searching for the sheer pleasure of the search and enjoying being left with wanting and seeking more. Each time a new horizon is discovered, the objective is to set sail for another destination.

The need that drives us is as important in the balance as that of reaching those dreams. Although many approaches are available, in this article I would like to share the tools of Emotional Fitness® with respect to creating balance. Nomadic travelers face difficulties that are unique and at times some of which we may not even be aware of. They may surface (before we leave on our journey, during, or upon returning to our chosen home(s)). Emotional Fitness® tools with a coach or on our own can help us to maintain a balance while striving to explore unknown destinations. No need to be a nomadic traveler to explore unknown destinations, our own inner world can be an adventure of its own. I am the only person to decide what is best for me at any time in my life and I believe the answers I seek are already waiting to be discovered within. As a coach I do not guide you to your destination, I have agreed to be a co-traveler in your trek and will offer tools for you to find your own roadmap(s). I believe you are the only person suited to choose your destination and how you wish to get there. When traveling the physical world or our inner world; I believe that the more tools we have, the better equipped we are to explore and grow and if you choose enjoy the voyage.

Mario Leduc, Choice Coaching
“Our choices are the vehicles in which we travel”

Storytelling Through Emotional Fitness®

Storytelling Through Emotional Fitness®

I am focusing on the loss of a deep bond and recognizing that this deep bond is the loss of that child-like awe and wonder, the excitement over life. The image of myself as a toddler came up and I was outside on a beautiful day watching with awe and wonder as a butterfly floated around the flowers. I was invited to write a story of myself as a butterfly.

I am a butterfly and I have beautiful, wide wings with speckles and patterns. I am free from the cocoon of darkness and I am capable of new movements now. I can fly! I am able to fly and float, fluttering along from flower to flower. I can spend my days fluttering from one flower to the next and then coast over the grasses. I have everything I need. I am able to explore the vast world uninhibited by anything. The cocoon is gone. I am free. The sunshine lights my way and the blue skies above help me distinguish from sky and Earth. I am connected to the Earth and to all things. I am part of nature. I have no fears, but I still move cautiously so that I can enjoy life without unnecessary risks.

I am flying now towards lilac bushes as they are my favorite. I am gentle and humble, a light and bright spirit of divinity. I know I bring delight and joy to the humans on this planet. I am part of a species of insect with a vast array of colours and we are all beautiful.

Why wasn’t I liked before the cocoon though? I was kind of ugly and crawling on the ground. That sucked! My transformed self is much more light and free.

I appreciate my beauty.

I appreciate myself.

I appreciate life.

I am life.

I am pure joy. Nothing can take my joy away. Nor my beauty.

I am a symbol of rebirth and regeneration. I am a symbol of “do overs” and of inner transformation.

Triumph over the darkness.

Entering the cave of death to be reborn to life/light.

I am eternal, no end and no beginning. A circle of life.

I need to keep my “feet” on the ground as I fly and flutter along. To remind me of my deep connection with nature, with all that is.

Connections made from this story:

Inner voice “Breathe and be free”.  “Take time for self”.  “Be ok with the messy writing”.  “Be my own butterfly”.

I want to transform and free myself, but this needs to come from within.

I am responsible for my own transformation and that is scary.

Action Plan: I want to make time to work on my action plan items, even if that means taking one at a time. I want to make time to focus on the beauty that surrounds me and spend time in meditation where I feel connected to nature. I want to continue allowing myself to go deep in a gentle way.

Kelly Gass, July 23rd 2020

Emotional Fitness® in Western Canada

Emotional Fitness® in Western Canada

There is a presence in Western Canada of Emotional Fitness®.  Keaton and I are happy to have reconnected with the Emotional Fitness® Family’s father, Warren Redman.  We are refreshing our skills to become licensed and re-licensed as coaches.  We are continuing to pioneer with other coaches and educators.  We are coaches who want to be directly involved with the growth of Emotional Fitness® and are gladly participating in the birthing of the Emotional Fitness® Institute Coop (EFIC).  The EFIC is a challenging project to which mature volunteers are welcomed!  Member’s businesses will be united, supported and promoted by the Co-op.  Together we will be stronger and will cooperate to assist one another in achieving the goals that we have each set out.

The Emotional Fitness Institute is currently offering “EFit Family & Friends” and “A World that is Emotionally Fit” via Zoom. Even with three hours difference between Western and Eastern Canada, we attend when possible to keep our skills up-to-date.

Programs such as “EFit4Women” on Thursdays and “Creative Flow” on Mondays are also offered and available for participants to attend.  As coaches, we are becoming stronger through listening and sharing.  Keaton is creating a workshop as well as writing a book and I am defining Grandma Jo, my branding name. MaryRose is a good sounding board and is very much appreciated.

Keaton, MaryRose and I are participants and slowly but surely we are getting ready to offer our own services for EFIC. Stay in touch!

(Grandma Jo) Jocelyne Wandler, 18 March 2021

Emotional Fitness® & Supporting Organizations

Emotional Fitness® & Supporting Organizations

Are you looking to improve or develop your team or organization in the following areas: Stress, Absenteeism, Coaching, Recruitment and Retention, Strategic Management, Goal Setting, Networking, Resilience, Restructuring/ HR Transformation, Change Management, Employee Engagement, Mental Health, Conflict Management, Communication & Listening, Culture or other areas of concern.

There’s been a fair bit of research done on EQ (Emotional Quotient) and the great benefits associated with incorporating EQ into organizational development including the resources of Emotional Intelligence.

How about leveraging another very important part of EQ, namely Emotional Fitness?

The world of work has traditionally been seen as a world in which the dominant and most valued skills are mental and physical. They are the ‘hard skills’ of thinking and fixing, buying and selling, talking and making. Today, there is a growing awareness and understanding that our emotional skills or EQ are what make the difference between success and mediocrity. These are ‘soft skills. Here’s the problem. The soft skills are really the hard ones.

The development of coaching as a recognized profession and skill set has largely been an acknowledgment that it is difficult, without help, to deal with the things that block us from making progress, or leave us feeling frustrated and stuck, or unclear how to handle conflict or anger.

Emotional Fitness Coaching offers a unique set of tools designed for leaders who desire to hone their coaching and mentoring skills, or for coaches who work externally, wishing to do the same. The tools of Emotional Fitness have been developed over a period of nearly forty years by the Founder of Emotional Fitness Warren Redman.

The tools of Emotional Fitness work, are simple, and above all, they all acknowledge the individual’s ability to make their own best choices and be accountable for them.

There are five primary E-Fitness coaching tools. The first is Power Listening, in which you will discover the two things that prevent effective listening from taking place and the five stages of listening that make it work. The second is Learning from Experience, describing a system that encourages staff at all levels to consider and learn from what goes on in the organization. The third is Group Dialogue; a method of running meetings that transforms them from time-wasting and costly sessions into creative opportunities for significant change. The fourth is the Work scale, a questionnaire like no other that allows people to see their levels of satisfaction and frustration and provides them with the tools to make the desired changes. The fifth and final E-Fitness tool is Storytelling. The telling of stories in E-Fitness coaching is a refreshing and creative way for people to discover important things about the way they see things, including themselves and each other.

All of the E-Fitness coaching tools used in the hands of a competent E-Fitness coach, or leader who develops the skills, will improve communication, raise people’s level of motivation and loyalty, decrease stress, along with absenteeism and errors, and have a significant impact on the productivity, health, and profitability of your company.

For more information regarding Emotional Fitness, schedule a video conference call to start exploring how Emotional Fitness can support you in developing a more positive and productive team in 2020.

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