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Suicide Educaton and Prevention Group

Suicide Education and Prevention

Suicide Education and Prevention

Great meeting yesterday with a suicide education and prevention group consisting of professionals & concerned citizens. We are involved in taking action and bringing change to the way that support is currently being given.

Focus of today’s connection:

1. Relationship Building

2. Introductions

3. Identifying Focus Points

4. Current Report Card

5. Sharing, Being a Voice, Taking Action

For more information, or to get involved reach out or contact Elaine Zamora on Facebook or at (506) 999-3555

High Performance Academy

Soccer team

Soccer team

Soccer NB & the boys High Performance Academy!

To achieve high performance within teams, a number of pillars need to be addressed and equipped with the right tools. One of those pillars is the emotional pillar.

Coach Martin Herdman, brother of Team Canada’s Head Coach John Herdman, is being proactive and integrating Emotional Fitness into Player Development.

7 Mountain of Influence Group

Was invited to be a guest facilitator for an amazing heart-spirit centered group of advocates on Thursday.

The “7 Mountains of Influence Group” intend to improve the current health care approach in NB.

One of the messages from this group:

“Our current system is in a state of crisis & alot of it has to due with communication breakdown”.

In order to address communication breakdown, let’s address our ability to listen beginning with listening to ourselves.

Thursday’s framework:

1. Connect, Listen, Relationship Build

2. Personal story with the military medical system & the traditional psychiatric approach

3. Discoveries & education gained after taking the uniform off

4. A personal journey with Emotional Fitness

5. What gets in the way of listening, sharing of past experiences

6. Demonstration of Listening Power

7. Breakout in pairs (Listener, Speaker) and using Listening Power

8. Sharing of experiences using Listening Power & being listened to

“Listening is akin to love as one of the most precious gifts you can give to another. If we are to survive and develop as human beings in a positive way, we need to be heard, understood, accepted and responded to by others as the unique individuals we each are.”

I have no doubt this vibrant, energetic, influential group known as “7 Mountains of Influence Group” will have an impact.

Thank-you for the opportunity of spending time together.




Father & Son

Father & Son

I only started to really learn what being a Dad was when I took the uniform off in 2011 at the age of 45 & started the inner journey of what it was like to grow up without my Dad after I lost my Dad at the age of 12. 👪

During the last 2 years I facilitated the “Be A Great Dad” workshop and learned so much more about myself when I listened to the Dads present. 👂

Here are “5 Things Great Dads Do” to be more involved with the special people in our life, things I personally try to work on every day:

1. Be There

2. Be You

3. Show Love & Respect 💘

4. Be An Example

5. Be A Life Coach & Teacher

My journey as a Dad continues, so do the struggles, but I have a target-goal I am aiming for. 🎯


Soccer NB

Soccer NB

I feel very blessed to have been invited to facilitate a 2nd keynote during the last 2 weeks.

The success of the keynotes would not have been possible without the generous support of others.

I would like to offer the following points for consideration in the event that you have an upcoming message to share:

1. Collaborate with the person who invited you to do the keynote & collectively work together to put the keynote together 💑

2. Be vulnerable, share your personal story in the introduction 🎤

3. Share stories about the audience, great way to recognize the amazing things your audience is doing 📖

4. Use the elements of humour & surprise. I used the acronym POT (Purpose-Opportunity-Time)

5. Engage the audience, have them participate. I used “But Wait” with the audience replying “There’s More” ⏰

6. Always make it about the audience.

I would like to thank my mentor Joe Grondin, Lisa Smith from Eastern College, Younes Bouida from Soccer NB as well as fellow Toastmasters for the opportunity to learn & grow as a speaker. ⚽

Get out and share your stories-gifts, the world is waiting to hear them. 🎁

Startup Greater Moncton

Startup Greater Moncton

Calling all startup entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs navigating the entrepreneurial journey, force enablers waiting to engage entrepreneurs so we can win together!

Recently engaged in the Startup Greater Moncton event with Warren Redman MCC, Zev Bagel, Wendy Jenkins, Lillian Jenkins and was thoroughly impressed with the great work Debbie Collins & team are doing through Startup Greater Moncton.

Looking to kick the entrepreneurial journey into another gear as 2019 rolls in?

I invite you to connect with the team at Startup Greater Moncton. hashtag#coaching hashtag#teamwork hashtag#volunteering hashtag#teamspirit hashtag#engagements hashtag#entrepreneurship

Delightful News – Senator Hartling




The most delightful news this week was the announcement of Nancy Hartling’s appointment to the Senate. To those of us who know Nancy, this won’t come as a surprise since we know that nobody is more worthy and deserving of this honor. Nancy will certainly bring a breath of much needed fresh air into one of the democratic world’s greatest institutions.

My delight is more specific. I first met Nancy when she signed up for an Emotional Fitness Coach Training course – the first (and only) one I taught in New Brunswick. At the same time, I discovered that Nancy had imported the “Be a Great Dad” program I had developed in Calgary, so we had a connection even before we met.

So now Canada has a Senator who is a trained Emotional Fitness Coach. Imagine how that can change the way decision-makers communicate! When the leaders of our, and every country, can share the tools of Emotional Fitness, we shall be well on our way to world peace.

Well done, Senator Nancy, and we wish you the greatest of success and fulfillment in your new position.


Warren Redman

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