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Have You Been Vaccinated?

In the Interest of Emotional Fitness®, Should I Ask the Question: “Have You Been Vaccinated?”   During this Covid-19 era, this is no doubt a question we have all considered or perhaps even been asked ourselves! While this short editorial perspective will focus...

Invisible Wounds Book Review

The Emotional Journey of a Police Officer’s Battle with PTSD by Norm DeVarennes The author relates his incredible 28 year journey in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, culminating in his retirement following a diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder.  DeVarennes...

Emotional Fitness® & Supporting Organizations

Are you looking to improve or develop your team or organization in the following areas: Stress, Absenteeism, Coaching, Recruitment and Retention, Strategic Management, Goal Setting, Networking, Resilience, Restructuring/ HR Transformation, Change Management, Employee...

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