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Recently engaged in the Startup Greater Moncton event with Warren Redman MCC, Zev Bagel, Wendy Jenkins, Lillian Jenkins and was thoroughly impressed with the great work Debbie Collins & team are doing through Startup Greater Moncton.

Looking to kick the entrepreneurial journey into another gear as 2019 rolls in?

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Delightful News – Senator Hartling

Delightful News – Senator Hartling




The most delightful news this week was the announcement of Nancy Hartling’s appointment to the Senate. To those of us who know Nancy, this won’t come as a surprise since we know that nobody is more worthy and deserving of this honor. Nancy will certainly bring a breath of much needed fresh air into one of the democratic world’s greatest institutions.

My delight is more specific. I first met Nancy when she signed up for an Emotional Fitness Coach Training course – the first (and only) one I taught in New Brunswick. At the same time, I discovered that Nancy had imported the “Be a Great Dad” program I had developed in Calgary, so we had a connection even before we met.

So now Canada has a Senator who is a trained Emotional Fitness Coach. Imagine how that can change the way decision-makers communicate! When the leaders of our, and every country, can share the tools of Emotional Fitness, we shall be well on our way to world peace.

Well done, Senator Nancy, and we wish you the greatest of success and fulfillment in your new position.


Warren Redman

Taking A Step

Taking A Step

I’m gazing at the picture of those stepping-stones reaching out into what looks like pretty deep water. The question posed on the photo asks if I’m ready to take a step.

It reminds me of the steps I’ve taken in the past – things that have meant walking away from the familiar (a job, a relationship, a country, for example) towards something unknown, or at least uncertain. It usually felt as though I was taking a leap into a deep pool of dark water. Scary, to say the least, especially when nobody else wanted to take the same kinds of risks.

Looking back, how glad I am that I took those risks, stepped onto the stepping-stones, jumped into the unknown. My life has been far richer and enlightening than if I’d stayed where I was, on the safe side, without getting my feet wet.


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