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  • Support is facilitated at the location that best supports the client
  • Support is available in person, phone, videoconference (Messenger, Zoom, Skype)
  • Support available in English & French
  • Support covered by most medical plans (as indicated by the coach)


 (506) 850-7592

For a complimentary 15-minute consultation to explore how revitalizing your communication skills will lead to healthier relationships and a more satisfied life!

Darren Duguay, CD1, BSc, BEd, n.d.

Darren Duguay, CD1, BSc, BEd, n.d.

Emotional Fitness Instructor & Naturopath Consultant

Military Veteran
27 Years Leadership Experience
8 Years College Instructor
A father of 2 teenagers
Suicide Loss Survivor
2-time Boston Marathon Finisher
Startup Moncton, YMCA, CSC Volunteer

Trina Campbell, RTC, CT

Trina Campbell, RTC, CT

Emotional Fitness Coach

30 Years Professional & Manufacturing Experience
A mother of one, Grandmother
Reality Therapy, Choice Theory & Lead Management Consultant
Past National Board of Directors of William Glasser Canada
Past Secretary of the Riverview Canusa Toastmasters Club
Volunteer of Suicide Prevention Committee

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