The most delightful news this week was the announcement of Nancy Hartling’s appointment to the Senate. To those of us who know Nancy, this won’t come as a surprise since we know that nobody is more worthy and deserving of this honor. Nancy will certainly bring a breath of much needed fresh air into one of the democratic world’s greatest institutions.

My delight is more specific. I first met Nancy when she signed up for an Emotional Fitness Coach Training course – the first (and only) one I taught in New Brunswick. At the same time, I discovered that Nancy had imported the “Be a Great Dad” program I had developed in Calgary, so we had a connection even before we met.

So now Canada has a Senator who is a trained Emotional Fitness Coach. Imagine how that can change the way decision-makers communicate! When the leaders of our, and every country, can share the tools of Emotional Fitness, we shall be well on our way to world peace.

Well done, Senator Nancy, and we wish you the greatest of success and fulfillment in your new position.


Warren Redman

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