5 Tools For Leaders, Managers, Coaches

5 Tools For Leaders, Managers, Coaches


Power Listening – helping you to achieve:

• Greater understanding of the effect of listening on the well-being and productivity of employees;
• High-level skill in listening to others;
• More clarity in how to achieve your goals as a leader;
• Clearer understanding of your personal attributes and concerns;
• A plan to integrate what you have learned in order to bring about positive change.

Learning is Earning – helping you to:

• Draw out your and others’ strengths from personal experience;
• Learn how to change past bad experiences into new successful behaviour;
• Build up a portfolio of positive attributes;
• Gain greater self-confidence and esteem.

Group Dialogue – teaching you how to:

• Bring out the best talent in your team;
• Facilitate meetings that are productive and creative;
• Develop a culture of listening, learning and positive action.

Workscale – enabling you to:

• Understand your level of inner balance;
• Recognize how you can use your satisfactions more effectively;
• Transform your frustrations into positive, creative action;
• Provide a developmental tool to use as a coach.

Storytelling – providing you with:

• A dynamic, fun way to draw out valuable personal insights;
• A tool to encourage personal accountability;
• A communication process to generate new understanding between people

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