Welcome to the Emotional Fitness Institute

What is the Emotional Fitness Institute? The Emotional Fitness Institute is an organization with a mission of developing a world that is emotionally fit using our very own Emotional Fitness® tools.

Our approach is simple. We create the opportunity for every individual to be listened to and to be heard. Through the tools of Emotional Fitness®, anyone can make sense of their feelings, thoughts and beliefs.

This is the way to emotional fitness and your personal and professional success. You have your own wisdom, experience and answers; what we offer is an approach to listen in on that inner wisdom and find your success in your personal and professional development journey.


A World That is Emotionally Fit

The “A World That is Emotionally Fit” group is a video meeting open to the public, on the first and third Tuesday each month. During these sessions, the tools of Emotional Fitness® are experienced in small groups for you to get a taste of Emotional Fitness® and start incorporating change in your personal and professional life.

These hands-on, practical demonstrations will allow you to experience Emotional Fitness® allowing you to take control of your own life and listen to yourself with more clarity. You can take what you learn here immediately to your own life and work.

Would you like to be heard?

E-Fit Family and Friends

“E-Fit Family and Friends” is a video meeting group for E-Fit clients and coaches present and past. Held on the second and fourth Monday of every month, find like-minded people on the call, including our team of coaches, instructors, and those currently enrolled in coach training.

Come and take part in small groups for the facilitation of listening sessions. These sessions will allow you to experience greater emotional balance and feel connected to yourself with the tools of Emotional Fitness®. There’s no telling what can happen when you are really listened to.

Want to join the family?

E-Fit Happy Hour

“E-Fit Happy Hour” is a virtual connection for being socially connected and experiencing a relaxed discussion at the end of the week. Our Happy Hours happen every other Friday afternoon. Come on by and connect with our family! We offer a fun and happy experience which during these difficult times can provide respite from daily struggles and strengthen your resiliency through connection!

Join our light-hearted connections, and bring recreation and social connection into your weekly routine, even from home! Bring an instrument, a joke, or just yourself! And feel free to Bring Your Own Beverage!

Come have a seat with us!


Individual Coaching

Is your preference to have one-on-one conversations? Perhaps individual coaching is the best path for you! This is a great choice for you if you struggle with clarity in your decisions and feel like you aren’t living your true life path, and are in need of direct support. Individual Coaching gives you personal tailored support that fits your needs!

With a licensed Emotional Fitness® Coach, you can experience all 9 tools of Emotional Fitness® completely tailored to you to help you know yourself best. There isn’t a bad time to start getting closer to yourself! We at the Emotional Fitness Institute are here to help you get through these hard times and come out the other side more centered.

Are you ready to be heard?

Organizational Coaching

Are you an employer, or an employee who struggles with a work culture that is lacking in integrity and authenticity? Is your team struggling to maintain focus due to interpersonal struggles, or the stress of an ongoing pandemic? Our organizational coaching could be exactly what your team needs!

With our Emotional Fitness® listening tools, move toward greater productivity, employee engagement, and job satisfaction. Give your team a benefit they won’t get anywhere else: The means being positioned to communicate, and be heard so that you can experience the best work relationships possible.

How can we help you and your team?

Training and Personal Development

Personal Development Course

Our Personal Development Course is for those in need of change. Personal change can often be difficult, without the proper support or means for hearing oneself. Through this 122-hour program, you will experience a clarity of self that you have not yet experienced. Our personal development course is a intensive program in which you will experience the 9-steps of Emotional Fitness® and learn to grow and use these tools on yourself and others.

Experience greater personal depth, understand your deepest desires and transcend inner child wounds. Step into the life you want to lead, listening to all aspects of yourself along the way with the support of several others including instructors and peers.

Are you ready to hear yourself?

Coach Training Course

Do you not know where your life is going due to COVID-19? Do you want to use your life experience to begin helping those around you? If that is the case, then you may be a good fit for our Coach Training Course! Several times a year we offer a hands-on Coach Training Course to those looking to take a deeper dive into personal development and pick up new life long skills, while creating new opportunities to generate revenue and change lives.

This 122-hour program can complement your current life, help facilitate your own personal growth, and lead you toward a new fulfilling career. With Emotional Fitness® Coach Licensing, you can really make an impact on your world.

Are you ready for the next step?

Personal Testimonials

“I’m astonished to see how exactly I managed to hit each of my targets that I set out 4 months ago.”


“I am inspired by this effective approach and recommend it as the best form of therapy. Not what I’ve experienced with past counselling.”


“This can help you find the answers within yourself instead of someone telling you what you should or shouldn’t be doing.”

Wife, Grandmother

“I found it to be therapeutic in a non-judgmental environment. I would recommend this to anyone looking for emotional growth.”

Spouse, Former First Line Responder

“As a parent of 6 children ages of 14-23, I wish I would have learned some of these skills sooner.”


Leaders, Teams & Organizations Testimonials

“I found the Leaders, Managers, Coaches Workshop to be a terrific experiential program, instrumental in helping me improve my leadership and listening skills.”
Dr. Richard A. Vaillancourt

Former CEO

“Emotional Fitness training provided powerful tools that helped Soccer NB staff & coaches to turn challenges into opportunities and transform frustration into power to move forward.”

Executive Director at Soccer NB

“I have been exposed to many programs on self-development based on my HR background. Emotional Fitness was the one that resonated with me the most. The beauty of this concept is that you create your own capacity to resolve your own issues – it doesn’t get better than that!”

HR Project Manager

“I have new revitalized listening tools which I implement in my relationships with family and business teams.”


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