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What does effective listening look like to you?

 How does it feel to be listened to? 

To support effective listening, the following two (2) ingredients must be present:

  • For the listener to stay out of the way of a speaker; and
  • A framework or structure for listening.

The framework and core ingredient of all Emotional Fitness® tools is Listening Power.

It was through Warren Redman’s experience of being listened to by Eugene Heimler, a survivor of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp, which led to Warren developing Listening Power after recognizing the power of being listened to. Over a period of 35 years, Warren founded Emotional Fitness®, authored 17 books and facilitated internationally the tools of Emotional Fitness® particularly in the UK and Canada.

Today, Warren Redman remains as an active member in the field of Emotional Fitness® by partnering with Alternative Options Coaching.

Emotional Fitness® Coaching gives you the tools to create the success and fulfillment you desire in your work, your relationships and in your life.

A person who is emotionally fit:

  1. Is able to listen deeply to him/herself and to others
  2. Has a high level of self-awareness and self-esteem
  3. Has the tools to enhance relationships
  4. Is authentic in word and deed
  5. Can deal with pressure without feeling stressed
  6. Has a good sense of inner balance and harmony
  7. Has a high degree of empathy together with a desire to empower others
  8. Accepts and understands personal accountability
  9. Has the ability to transform negative circumstances into positive, creative action

These tools of Emotional Fitness® are unique, simple and extremely powerful for people, team and organizational development.

Support available: 

  • 1-on-1 coaching using nine personal tools to help individuals, couples and families to live more positive, productive lives
  • Naturopath medical coverage through APNN and other providers as identified by the coach
  • Workshops and courses on Emotional Fitness®
  • Certification in Emotional Fitness® Coaching
  • Books and resources on Emotional Fitness®
  • Presentations and seminars at conferences
Darren Duguay, CD1, BSc, BEd, n.d.

Darren Duguay, CD1, BSc, BEd, n.d.

Emotional Fitness Coach & Naturopath Consultant

Military Veteran
27 Years Leadership Experience
8 Years College Instructor
A father of 2 teenagers
Suicide Loss Survivor
2-time Boston Marathon Finisher
Startup Moncton, YMCA, CSC Volunteer

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