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Emotional Fitness® training and support is different from most approaches in four distinct ways:

  • Training is 80% experiential, and results-oriented
  • Led by Emotional Fitness coaches using the Emotional Fitness® Approach & tools of Emotional Fitness
  • Training sessions are unique, timely, and relevant to the specific challenges identified by participants
  • Training sessions are shaped after a complimentary consultation

Support Available:

  • Experiential education sessions to increase awareness of what Emotional Fitness really is
  • 1-on-1 personal coaching using nine (9) Steps to Emotional Fitness (Listening Power, Learning from Experience, Life Scale, Time Capsule, Group Dialogue, Storytelling, Dreamtime, The Mirror, Connections)
  • Culture Questionnaire (measure the fitness level of your team); Organizational-Culture-E-Fitness-Questionnaire
  • 1-on-1 professional coaching using five (5) leadership tools (Power Listening, Learning is Earning, Workscale, Group Dialogue, Storytelling) to support leaders-managers-coaches to develop a more positive, productive workplace
  • Emotional Fitness Support Groups tailored specifically for participants such as: Achieving Personal Success, Be A Great Dad, Emotional Fitness Coaching for Leaders-Managers-Coaches
  • Emotional Fitness Coach Course
  • Conference Presentations and Corporate Team Training Workshops tailored specifically for achieving the goals of the group
  • Training and support are available through audio-visual conferencing
  • Support can be facilitated in French and English
  • Naturopath coverage as identified by the coach


Alternative Options Coaching E-Fit Coaching

The 9 Steps to Emotional Fitness

AOC - Emotional Fitness

Described in The 9 Steps to Emotional Fitness – a tool-kit for life in the 21st century, Achieving Personal Success and Recipes for Inner Peace by Warren Redman.


Listening Power

Learn to listen to yourself and others more powerfully, create better relationships and become more fulfilled through learning the five stages of Powerful Listening.


Learning From Experience

Review your own experiences, discover what you learned, understand what you need to learn, develop new opportunities for continuous learning and create better experiences for yourself.



Use a scale of ten questions to find out more clearly what satisfies and what frustrates you in your life. Discover how to achieve greater levels of Emotional Fitness.


Time Capsule

Make the connection between your present life patterns and previous experiences. Learn to change old behaviors and beliefs that no longer work for you.


Group Dialogue

Practice this 7-stage process to help people listen in a group setting and facilitate individual learning in groups. Discover the power and synergy of group intelligence focused on concerns relevant to each person.



Create and learn from the stories of your own life. Listen to and learn about yourself through the stories of others.



Make personal sense of your dreams through a step-by-step process of visiting the realm of personal symbolism


The Mirror

Learn how to acknowledge yourself. Take a peek into your soul; take time to let it in and to accept yourself as you are.



Use your personal symbols to help make connections at deeper levels. Learn how we are related to our own symbolism and myth.

Featured Publications


  • Delightful News - Senator Hartling
  • Taking a Step

Warren Redman - Books

  • Recipes for Inner Peace
  • The 9 Steps to Emotional Fitness
  • Achieving Personal Success
  • Emotional Fitness Coaching


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Online Coaching Resources

Leaders, Managers, Coaches

"Leaders, Managers & Coaches" Workshop

Download a copy of the pamphlet:
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Be a Great Dad

"Be A Great Dad" Workshop

Download a copy of the pamphlet:
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Here To Support You!

  • Support is facilitated at the location that best supports the client
  • Support is available in person, phone, videoconference (Messenger, Zoom, Skype)
  • Support available in English & French
  • Support covered by most medical plans (as indicated by the coach)
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