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Emotional Fitness® Institute Testimonials

Emotional Fitness® Institute Testimonials

Read our stories from our customers. Learn how Emotional Fitness® has helped  customers reach their targets, improve their leadership and listening skills.


Personal Testimonials

“I’m astonished to see how exactly I managed to hit each of my targets that I set out 4 months ago.”



“I am inspired by this effective approach and recommend it as the best form of therapy. Not what I’ve experienced with past counselling.”



“This can help you find the answers within yourself instead of someone telling you what you should or shouldn’t be doing.”


Wife, Grandmother

“As a parent of 6 children ages of 14-23, I wish I would have learned some of these skills sooner.”



“I found it to be therapeutic in a non-judgmental environment. I would recommend this to anyone looking for emotional growth.”


Spouse, Former First Line Responder

Leaders, Teams, Organizations Testimonials

“I found the Leaders, Managers, Coaches Workshop to be a terrific experiential program, instrumental in helping me improve my leadership and listening skills.”

Dr. Richard A. Vaillancourt

Former CEO

“I have been exposed to many programs on self-development based on my HR background. Emotional Fitness was the one that resonated with me the most. The beauty of this concept is that you create your own capacity to resolve your own issues – it doesn’t get better than that!”


HR Project Manager

“Emotional Fitness training provided powerful tools that helped Soccer NB staff & coaches to turn challenges into opportunities and transform frustration into power to move forward.”


Executive Director at Soccer NB

“I have new revitalized listening tools which I implement in my relationships with family and business teams.”



“After having experienced Emotional Fitness® for over 2 years, the purpose of my testimonial is the hope that more people will have an opportunity to experience what I have & more importantly to put into practice the tools. So why am I so passionate about the lessons learned from Emotional Fitness®? Well I measure anything I do and learn in life by a result. The result for me has been a wonderful new relationship with myself, family, friends, co-workers and clients. I have experienced the Emotional Fitness® Approach & tools both for myself personally & for myself as a leader-entrepreneur. There is a true peace and pleasure to my life nowadays. By truly listening to myself and others I am finally improving myself. Through the use of the Emotional Fitness® tools, my eyes and ears have been opened. I now shut my mouth while freeing myself from my mind. I feel I am now a better person, friend, dad, high performance athlete and business owner.”


Dad, Triathlete, Entrepreneur

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