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Personal Testimonials

“It has been the most challenging and revealing times of my life. Nothing at this point has come close to what I have experienced and what I have learned about myself. It has far exceeded my expectations of being more balanced and in better control of my life. It has been a doorway to my very being.”


Edmonton, AB

“All of my answers are within me.  The emotional fitness tools supported me getting my answers dug up and placed in my head where I can then retrieve them.”

SL, Emotional Fitness Class Participant

Leaders, Managers, & Coaches Testimonials

“I recently had the pleasure of participating in the Emotional Fitness Coaching for Leaders & Managers program, coordinated by Darren Duguay on behalf of Alternative Options Coaching.  This program is extremely well structured to provide invaluable tools and techniques to improve the skills of leaders in all organizations.  A focus on power listening serves as a foundation for dynamic learning and sharing among participants, based on a series of dialogue and practice scenarios that will hone the skills of the most practiced professional.  From the first session onwards, I found this terrific learning and experiential sharing program to be instrumental in helping me improve my leadership communications.  I would wholeheartedly recommend it to managers and entrepreneurs interested in taking their leadership skills to the next level; it was undoubtedly time well spent!”

Dr. Richard A. Vaillancourt

Chief Executive Officer, OMISTA Credit Union (Retired)

“As an entrepreneur balancing multiple large-scale business projects covering a large geographical area, the five (5) non-traditional leadership coaching tools were instrumental in my professional growth while maintaining a healthier work-life balance. The location of training was excellent as it provided an outstanding setting for experiencing the listening and communication tools as a speaker and listener during breakout sessions. The small group size (less than 10) coupled with a participant – group led framework were critical components to my experience as it provided an opportunity to connect and relationship build with my fellow leaders and colleagues.  The opportunity to experience the five (5) non-traditional leadership communication tools as a listener and speaker with follow-on feedback and sharing with fellow participants maximized my training value.  I now have new revitalized listening and communication tools which I continue to implement in my daily relationships with family and business teams.”

Pierre Martell

President/CEO , Martell Custom Homes

Coach Certification Course Testimonials

“I have been exposed to many programs on self-development and assessment tools based on my HR background. The E.F. course was the one that resonated with me the most. The beauty of this concept is that it gives you the tools to gain understanding of yourself to achieve inner balance that only you can define for yourself! It creates your own capacity to resolve your own issues – it doesn’t get better than that!”


Director of Human Resources

“My experience from being in the Emotional Fitness course is unlike any other course I’ve been in. When I thought I was going to get advice, I got me and a whole lot of it. Wow, what a huge revelation. I had all the answers and will always have the answers to any situation or problem that I have. It is such unique work.”



New Group Fitness Class “Emotional Fitness – Fitness for the Inside” Testimonials

“This course gave me some tools for better communication through listening and speaking. The confidentiality and sharing within the group reminded me that I am not alone.”

PM, Emotional Fitness Class Participant

“This workshop has allowed me to get rid of a lot of emotions I had bottled up since I was a child. This has changed my life and ignited my inner spark! Thank you for creating this free workshop, another reason I love the Y. I have experienced a sense of community and belonging to something special! I would highly recommend this class to all walks of life.”

AR, Emotional Fitness Class Participant

“Be A Great Dad” Workshop Testimonials

“As I think about how the Be a Great Dad workshop impacted me, I would have to say that its impact was profound. I learned much about myself, I learned how to listen better, how to really ‘be there’ for my children, and perhaps most importantly, I learned how to be a better dad for my children. My favourite part of the course was undoubtedly ‘Listening Power’. It allowed me to connect with the other parts of the workshop. If I properly listen, then I can be there for my children. If I properly listen, then I can be myself when I am present with my children. If I listen, then I will know my children better, I will know their cares and concerns, and in turn, I will be better able to respond to their true needs.  Overall, I have grown closer to my children, I have adjusted my behavior toward them, and they have noticed, my daughter even said, “you’re the best dad ever!” What a treat that was! If there are any dads out there are considering the course, take it. It was well worth the time and energy I put into it. I got rewarded many times over by the impact the workshop had on me and my relationship with my children.”

Chris Pellerin, Dad

“At the outset of the workshop, there is little indication where it may lead.  I sat in a room full of strangers, notepad and pen, waiting for something to happen.  Running possible scenarios in my head, I figure some key token speaker, a motivational blurb, a lawyer – maybe explaining how if I do whatever is expected of me, things will go well.  After 1/2 an hour and introductions from each member in the room, Be a Great Dad workshop begins.  It’s not until I am halfway through the workshop, I realize the power of the methods used to help me realize what I need to do next.  The methodology is simple, but it empowered me to make the choices I need to improve my life.  At no point was I offered advice.  At no point was I taken aside and have a suggestion made to improve any aspect of my life.  The power of the program resides in not adding another straw on my back.  The sense of the weight off my shoulders convinced me I made the right choice.”

Carl MacDougall, Dad, Step-Dad

“When my oldest daughter referred to me as “The Tin Man” a light came on. Who am I fooling? Am I missing something? Not long after I found myself participating in a BE A GREAT DAD workshop with the aid of Listening Power and a safe group of fathers to share with. The BE A GREAT DAD workshop has allowed me to get comfortable with the uncomfortable and taught me that being vulnerable is not a weakness. As a co-facilitator in the BE A GREAT DAD workshop I’m still growing. I’ll be sharing with or listening to another father and an idea will resonate with me, something just shows up, I quickly jot it down and soon after I put it into action. Being a part of the BE A GREAT DAD Alumni has allowed me to continue to grow and become a better son, father and grandfather.”

Steve Long, Dad, Step-Dad, Grand-Dad

“The Be A Great Dad workshop is one of the best things I did for myself. I know I have learned a lot about myself as a person and as a Dad.”

“Big Stan” MacNeil, Dad

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