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“After having experienced Emotional Fitness for over 2 years, the purpose of my testimonial is the hope that more people will have an opportunity to experience what I have & more importantly to put into practice the tools. So why am I so passionate about the lessons learned from Emotional Fitness? Well I measure anything I do and learn in life by a result. The result for me has been a wonderful new relationship with myself, family, friends, co-workers and clients. I have experienced the Emotional Fitness Approach & tools both for myself personally & for myself as a leader-entrepreneur. There is a true peace and pleasure to my life nowadays. By truly listening to myself and others I am finally improving myself. Through the use of the Emotional Fitness tools, my eyes and ears have been opened. I now shut my mouth while freeing myself from my mind. I feel I am now a better person, friend, dad, high performance athlete and business owner.”


Dad, Triathlete, Entrepreneur

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