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Personal Development

The Emotional Fitness Approach is fully client led, focused, centered and driven. The individual identifies what coaching support would be most helpful. Sessions or programs are then created to meet the client's identified needs.

Professional Development

Stress is not only toxic, it’s expensive! Workplace stress costs Canadian small business owners over $52 Billion per  year.  Recognizing these losses in profits and productivity, leaders are now looking to invest in solutions.


How it all started and where we're going "The Vision"


Stress combined with poor communication skills is toxic. A tool to help reveal how this may be impacting your life.



"All of my answers are within me. The Emotional Fitness tools supported me getting my answers dug up and placed in my head where I can then retrieve them"

Resources & Pamphlets

Support is different from most approaches. Here's a few resources just for you.


How It Started

It was through Warren Redman’s experience of being listened to by Eugene Heimler, a survivor of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp, which led to Warren developing the Emotional Fitness Approach and tools of Emotional Fitness. These tools have been delivered for over 35 years in the UK and Canada.

What We See

In 2007, following the renaming of the Centre for Inner Balancing to the Emotional Fitness Institute, a vision was developed. This vision was transitioned to  Alternative Options Coaching  (AOC) in the summer of 2016.

Who Are We

Emotional Fitness Coaching is a holistic coaching community providing support to individuals, both personally and professionally, where connection and growth can be experienced through nurturing healthy, supportive relationships using the Emotional Fitness Approach.


AOC - Dream Catcher

Here To Support You!

  • Support is facilitated at the location that best supports the client
  • Support is available in person, phone, videoconference (Messenger, Zoom, Skype)
  • Support available in English & French
  • Support covered by most medical plans (as indicated by the coach)
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